School Plus is the school management software, designed for iOS and Android devices. It allows you to connect, organize and manage the school activities, instantly with the help of Student Module, Parents Module, Teachers Module and Admin Module. A single platform that helps to connect, empower, organize, share and improve the smart school experience. The advanced features and tools help the management in accurate reporting, enhance the performance of students and to stay update.



The remarkable dashboard offers easy and simple interface, which helps in easy access of every feature in the School app. All the functionalities have their link on this page and the users can instantly move to any feature through the comprehensive dashboard.

Admin login

The admin has a separate login credential to access and manage the admin page, which helps to post, upload and share the events of the school.

Teacher login

The teachers can login and access real-time details like class attendance and progress reports on the dashboard and it also helps to send feedback; check students’ activities; contact parents; and create plans for student’s improvement. All the important functions on the app are performed through this Teacher dashboard and it reduces the workload of the teachers.

Parent Login

Parents who are busy and find it hard to travel to the school to get details about their ward can verify their child’s profile; attendance details; progress report; student’s diary; directly send & receive feedback; view current event; check homework; fee details; download application form; and a lot more, in a click.

Student Login

In this module, the students can login into their account and access dashboard to know about their personal performance as well as school activities. A student profile includes all the personal details including name, date of birth, date of admission, gender, blood group, mother tongue, information about parents, attendance records and academic activities.

Class room

It helps to create Class Rooms to classify the students, their performance, daily routines and examinations. It also simplifies the communication between teacher-parent/teacher-student.

Subject and Exams

School plus app allows easy exam management system, where you can create new schedules and timetable for exams; enter grades or marks or overall results of the exams; view overall results; and effortlessly create reports for every exam performance or overall performance. Interesting graphic representation simplifies the academic performance evaluation. You can create grading levels; enter subject wise report; exam wise report; and create additional exam, if required.

Class Routine

Everyday home works can be uploaded by the teachers and can be viewed by the parents/students. It comes with homework or other work description, due date and downloadable option.

Daily Attendance

All inclusive students’ attendance record can be easily maintained with the help of this School plus app. Just by selecting the class or the name of the student or the date, you can get the reports. If a student is not present on a working day, the school can create automatic notification to notify the absence of their ward to the parents/guardians, through email or SMS.


Admin can schedule timetable for every class and for examination, while the students and parents can refer it.


With a comprehensive fee collection system in this app, the admin can upload fee structure; find defaulters and allow easy payment for parents. It is installed with payment gateways so that the parents can easily pay the fees, without standing in a long queue.


Transportation routes, fees details, vehicle details can be added, edited or deleted through this segment.


The administrators can make announcements through the School app, about the activities on campus. Older announcements can be sorted out by searching with keywords.friendly

User friendly

Just with the basic computer knowledge, anybody can work on School app. The users can simply login into the app and start working without any guidance.

Web based

School app is the web based software, which implies that the users can start using it without any installation process. Open a browser of your choice and you can set to work on the app.

Mobile connector iOS and android

School app is not just a web based platform rather we offer mobile connector facility, as well. Both iOS and Android mobile users can install this app

Spam protection

With the inbuilt anti-spam solutions, the School app offers strong spam protection against the unwanted messages that cram on your app.


Effortlessly search the necessary content, by using a particular keyword through the ‘Search��� feature. School app includes an exclusive search box to get the content you are looking for.

Data base backup

This feature helps to protect the database against loss of data and typically, the admin can restore the data through simple easy steps.


Every data is secured and the crucial information about the school is secured without being stolen.


CSS3 and HTML 5 are the latest web and mobile technologies, embedded in the School Plus, as these technologies are faster, powerful and simple for maintenance.

Vector graphics

Vector graphics are used to represent the features and functionalities, so that everybody can easily handle the app.


Plenty of school photos can be uploaded and shared in the gallery. It makes the app colorful and attractive.


Videos of the important school events can be uploaded to share with the students, parents and other users.

Articles and Blogs

Write explanatory and comprehensive blogs and articles about the in-school activity than giving a short detail through newsletter and announcements.


Instant chatting facility allows the users to clear the doubts in the lessons or in other issues. As the communication improves, it leads to clarity and improved relationships.


Admin can manage an online library by installing books catalogue; managing the book issue/return; add/delete books; filtering books, according to the users; and also know the status of a book, in a click.


Managing the hostel activities is made easy with this feature. The admin can manage the rooms in the dormitory and allot blocks. They can view room details, manage the hostel fee collection, view hostel fee defaulters, while the parents or students can know the availability of rooms, number of beds in a room and a lot more with the help of Dormitory feature.


Google map helps to locate the routes to the school, from the current location.


Users can upload and share interesting audio files through this app. Audio sounds can be categorized and it includes social sharing facilities.

Access control list

Refined membership feature is packed with pre-set access levels, depending upon the type of user.

Open source

Important features of School app are open source and free. In other words, you can include customization.

Ready customization

School app package has plenty of inbuilt features and functionalities. If required, the admin can instantly customize it, with the apparent source code.


The Dolphin is a leveraging framework for programming and it has been the base foundation for School plus app.

24/7 Support

BseTec team is ready to offer 24/7 support to answer your queries and to solve the issues related to School plus app.

Unique ID for all

Each member gets a unique ID to manage the School app, according to their membership.

Business friendly

School Plus integrates all the school activities and back-office systems. With the huge data and analytics on the hand, the admin can make better decisions, at the right time.

No hidden files

School Plus is absolutely candid and has no hidden files.

No unnecessary features

School Plus is clear and simple, without any unnecessary features that clutter the apps.

Language support

School Plus offers the language support feature, which helps to translate into the preferred language.

Unlimited profile creation

Any number of profiles can be created in the app and managed easily with the profound features.

Free installation

Once you purchase the School Plus, installation charges are free.